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Capability Building

I build the individual & organisational capabilities required to deliver innovation and create true impact.

Leadership Innovation Talent Program


Designed and facilitated a capability building program for a global Materials and Composites company. Over the course of three sessions in a year, trained 30 rising leaders in ideation techniques, design thinking, lean startup methodology, and business case development and presentation.


  • Value proposition development & external forces analysis

  • Ideation techniques, approaches and structure

  • Idea prioritization and selection process

  • Strategic business project development and coaching

  • Learning plan coaching and feedback


Playbook for Repeatable Innovation


Designed repeatable playbook for Global Management, Engineering and Development Consultancy to be used in their 20+ business units spanning infrastructure, energy, and mining and metals. Piloted the playbook in a two-day training and idea generation workshop.


  • Developed insights and focus areas

  • Co-created the design of the workshop with the client team to build capabilities

  • Leveraged a variety of ideation techniques to address technical and strategic problems

  • Conducted post-workshop “train-the-trainer” facilitation session

  • Created business case and learning plan templates for post-workshop portfolio development


Bronfman Convener's Summit


Designed and facilitated the inaugural Summit, a four-day immersive training for 25 young professionals from across North America, focused on Israel Policy Forum's mission, content, and work ahead in advancing informed discussions toward a viable two-state solution. Identified over 30 speakers and developed 15 workshops that Conveners participated in to build the capabilities to be ambassadors of a two-state solution within their home communities.


  • Facilitated meetings with IPF's professional and lay leadership

  • Engaged in intimate meetings with diplomats

  • Lead organizing and development workshops

  • Hosted conversations with former Prime Ministers of both Israel and Palestine

  • Coached and mentored Conveners as they developed their post-Summit community projects, ranging from intimate meetings with Consul Generals to informational sessions on the two-state solution for college students


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