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Ideation & Insights

I harness external expertise, collaborative thinking, and open innovation methodologies to generate transformative insights and ideas, empowering organizations to develop strategic clarity and drive meaningful impact.

Transformative Innovation Program


Designed, curated, and facilitated three Open Forums to drive technology innovation in the disciplines of Mining, Processing, and Sustainability, and unlock significant business value through a step change in performance, from transformative opportunities that impact and change the overall system, to the truly disruptive that bring alternative and completely non-traditional methods and approaches to mining. 


Each Open Forum was a 3 day event with over 50 participants bringing insights and ideating together. Identified a portfolio of transformative technology opportunities through a new way of collaboration that include existing vendors and new, non-traditional partners. Developed a fast and lean approach for implementation of these technology opportunities.


  • External ecosystem and trend analysis

  • Experiential multi-day ideation session

  • Prioritised portfolio of transformative technology opportunities

  • Iterative "test and learn" implementation approach

  • Stakeholder & partner idea development working sessions

  • MVP design & roadmap

  • Initial Business cases


Experiential Session for
Disruptive Innovation


Designed multiple, experiential three-day sessions for US $45b Oil & Gas company focused on accelerating step change in the exploration and development cycle. Curated external participants from within and outside the industry, including traditional and non-traditional vendors, experts, VCs, and startups, to ideate around possibilities for harnessing technology to create disruptive innovation.


  • Identified & developed portfolio of transformative concepts

  • Enabled unique collaborations and cross-industry partnerships

  • Captured critical industry information and distilled into accessible content

  • Created a variety of ideation techniques to address complex and technical problems

  • Translated insights from diverse industries into analogous inspiration


Portfolio of Innovative Opportunities 


Led exploration of music-related revenue opportunities for Roblox, with a target of generating $1 billion in revenue by 2027. Shifted focus towards understanding the underlying problem and meeting user needs. Curated diverse group of participants to ideate innovative solutions around leveraging technology to empower artists and create a dynamic metaverse experience. Expanded & evaluated ideas against financial and market potential. Provided portfolio of solutions across time horizons to meet revenue goals while centering user needs.


  • User research & needs identification

  • Ideation design & facilitation

  • Opportunity identification and prioritization

  • Market research & analysis

  • Iterative service design approach 


Experiential Leadership Program


Created a powerful, experiential Leadership Program focused around exponential technologies and the impact on Zurich’s customers and on the business of insurance and designed to reflect on future needs & requirements from the industrialization of insurance & explore the impacts of exponential technologies on the insurance ecosystem & value chain.


  • Ecosystem & trend analysis

  • Visualisations of trends

  • Insight development

  • Ideation session design & facilitation

  • Defined business implications


Multi-Stakeholder Catalyst Event


Designed Catalyst event around “Nourishing the World to 2050” bringing 50 global leaders from food, agriculture, health, medicine, genetics, science and other industries to examine ways to empower health through food, improve longevity and reduce inequality.


Facilitated and designed roundtable and challenge sessions exploring the need for a radical transformation of our global food system with a focus on restoring trust in food science, food information, food companies, and brands.


  • Designed transformative catalyst event

  • Syntheised insights from trends analysis

  • Curated diverse multi-stakeholder group of participants

  • Facilitated dialogue & breakout groups

  • Led multi-stakeholder working group to refine ideas & develop action plans


Inclusion and Diversity
in Mining


Collaborated with a nonprofit focused on sustainability in mining that works to support the mining industry in becoming an integrated and proactive development partner, delivering on economic, environmental and social shared purpose. Spearheaded the curation and development of a Global Dialogue series of workshops that bring together multi-stakeholder groups to tackle difficult and intractable issues, fostering understanding and seeking opportunities for action.


  • Designed and facilitated dialogue around inclusion and diversity in mining

  • Curated diverse multi-stakeholder group of participants including community representatives, NGOs, educators, faith leaders, and business leaders

  • Facilitated dialogue to consider how to foster conditions & cultures that enable inclusiveness within the mining sector and encourage diversity in mining communities


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