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Innovation Strategy

I harness foresight, insights, and collaborative action to guide organizations in shaping the future, seizing new opportunities, and driving transformative growth.

Driving Growth through Innovation


Assessed internal innovation capabilities, examined external threats & opportunities, particularly for expansion and new business creation and developed portfolio of innovative ideas, including new product, manufacturing and operational initiatives for $1B Food company seeking new growth through innovation. 


  • Innovation capability assessment

  • SWOT analysis

  • Ideation session design & facilitation

  • Portfolio evaluation & prioritisation

  • Go to market strategy


Creation of Corporate
Innovation Lab


Evaluated the innovation landscape, both internally and externally to developing corporate innovation lab. Curated external perspectives, through introduction, dialogues and emersion sessions, with leading innovation companies – to review, benchmark and seek external models for reference. Co-Developed a working Strategy Roadmap with the client to chart out the next steps toward innovation.


Launched survey to ~30,000 employees with a 19% response rate, analyzed 280,000+ answers & 2000+ comments to inform & develop individual innovation strategies for 7 business units. Established internal corporate innovation lab & trained employees in core innovation capabilities.


  • Innovation capability assessment

  • External innovation landscape analysis

  • Individual & group innovation strategy development

  • Crowdsourced innovation campaign

  • Innovation portfolio development

  • Idea evaluation & prioritisation


Adopting Lean Methodology


Developed an innovation strategy to position a US $1 billion Furniture Manufacturer for the changing nature of work, exploring how it intersects with space as a service and what opportunities, including co-working and additive manufacturing, the company could capitalize on as they built innovation capabilities and adopted a lean methodology.


  • Trends and forces opportunity analysis

  • Competitive market research and SME interviews

  • Ideation design and facilitation

  • Business model & portfolio development

  • Lean methodology application through learning plans


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