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Project type

Service Design


SMBC Aviation


Landscape analysis
Qualitative interviews & synthesis
Ideation design & facilitation
Prioritisation and evaluation
Solution development and iteration
Prototyping approach
Business model exploration through business model canvas
SWOT analysis

Led team of 4 MBAs through design-sprint to explore opportunities for growth in the aviation industry, factoring in decarbonization
1. insight development - conducted stakeholder interviews, external secondary research, external interviews. synthesized insights from interviews and identified key needs and opportunities
2. ideation - designed and facilitated ideation session for team to explore opportunities for SMBC leveraging How Might We, Analogies, Point of View, and other techniques to create a wide range of potential ideas for growth
3. portfolio development - leveraged criteria to narrow down ideas into a range of time horizons, and with a few key themes, to present to client for further consideration
4. pitch - pitched ideas to client, and placed in the semi-finals

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